Who Am I?

117. 117 is my birth month slash birthday. Oopss! Did I say, 7? Haha Well actually, it’s 17 but since 1117 is too many to write my “abouts” I just made it 117. 😀

116. This is my first time to join in the blogosphere.

115. I decided to join the blogosphere because I want to improve my skills using the English language and that is also the reason why most of my blogs are written in English.

114.  Most of the topics that I post on my blog, documents my thoughts and experiences in life.

113. I did not make this blog so I would be labeled as a blogger. I just want to share my thoughts in a different way.

112. Before I entered the world of blog, I used to write stories in Wattpad.

111. Since I am too busy with my life now (Lol), the supposed to be my time for writing stories changed into posting blogs.

110. Song Hyun Ah is my username in Wattpad (in case you’re interested to visit it. Haha)

109. There were also several times that I changed the title of my blog. From “callmeriina” to “All Books Are Mine” to “Readaholic” to “Flippage” and now “LIFE – Learning It From Experience.”

108. You might be wondering why “LIFE”. I have three answers to that.

107. First, since this is my personal blog, the content will be about my Life. 😃

106. Second, from the acronym “Learning It From Experience”, I believe that Experience is the best teacher.

105. Lastly, since I have mentioned it already, as a teacher or an educator rather, I believe that the best way to learn is through experience.

In school you are taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you are given a test that teaches you a lesson. 😊

-Tom Bodett

104. During weekdays, I am a learning facilitator but during weekends, I am a blogger. 😊 I usually update my blog every weekend since I have work to attend to during weekdays.

103. Ever since I was a kid, I already knew in myself that I want to be an educator someday.

102. Notice the word educator above; instead of the word teacher I used educator because when you educate, you leave a permanent impression upon what you taught and when you teach, the students will remember the lesson you taught to them for a short period of time only.

101. I strongly believe that not all teachers can be called educators. A teacher alone can turn out to be an educator while educators were born to teach.

100. I believe that teachers are made but educators are born.

99. As a constructivist, I believe in the saying, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

98. Since I wanted to become an educator, I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education when I was in College.

97.English is actually my favorite subject that’s why I chose it to be my major.

96. In addition to that, I also believe that I excelled more in English than Math and Science.

95. I love Math but Math doesn’t love me. 💔

94. Same as with Math, Science also doesn’t love me. 😞

93. I prefer to teach in the Secondary level because in my opinion, it is easier to instill knowledge to the high school students rather than the elementary. If you are familiar with the Law of Readiness by Edward Thorndike, you will easily understand what I am trying to say. 🙂

92. I graduated at Cavite State University-Main Campus (CVSu) last April 2016.

91. CVSu is located in the Municipality of Indang, Cavite  about 60 km (37 mi) Southwest of Manila.


CVSu Main landmark

90. I was once a student of Emilio Aguinaldo College- Cavite.

89. I studied there for 1 year, the same course.

88. I transferred in CVSu-Main because I was attracted by the facilities and I also love the atmosphere. 😀

87. When I enrolled in CVSU way back 2011, I was classified as an Irregular student.

86. Honestly, I don’t have any idea before what is the difference between a regular and irregular student.

85. During my 2nd year of studying in CVSU, that’s when I realized that an irregular student has this special kind of treatment in a way that we have the freedom to choose our schedule – the subjects and the total number of units that we want to take.

84. It may sounds good but it’s difficult esp. if you are a new student. High school life is TOTALLY different from College. If you are an irregular student, most likely, you do not have a constant companion.

83. Luckily, I have not experienced that. When I transferred to CVSU, I have met several Irregular students.

82. Most of them came from far places like (Lemery) Batangas, Olivarez, Tagaytay, and Los Baños, Laguna.

81. I don’t want to sound so arrogant but my grades are high except for one.

80. I received a grade of 2.75 in Basic Math when I was in 1st Year that’s why I am no longer running for a distinction 😞

79. Anyway, I really do believe that Grades are just figures.

78. Grades cannot define who you really are;

77. and grades should not be the basis of what you will become in the future.

76. Why? Because nobody  can tell what is bound to happen in the future. 😊

75. I am not saying that what you are doing now would not affect what will happen to you as you grow up..


73. Not because you are not that good compared to others, it already means you cannot do it.

72. Not because you do not excel in Math or you fail in your exam it’s already the end of the world.

71. Of course it’s not like that.

70. Always remember, FAIL means

69. F-irst

68. A-ttempt

67. I-n

66. L-earning 😊


65. I’ve been to theater acting also when I was in 3rd year.

64. The character I portrayed was Balthazar of Merchant of Venice.

10670013_922970717732071_7199913469200133880_n 10703749_922970734398736_579371253437820889_n







63.  YES! I chose to portray a male character.

62. Why? For a change. Haha 😀

61. If you’ll get to know me personally, you’ll be surprised because I am very lady-like 😉

60. I am an avid fan of William Shakespeare, Francis Bacon and Christopher Marlowe.

59. I love the way they write and believe me or not, they also serves as an inspiration to me when it comes to writing.

58. I am not saying that I would also be using superfluous words.. I just love their uniqueness 🙂

57. In the contemporary times, some of my favorite International authors are John Green, Katie Cotugno, Rainbow Rowell, Nicholas Sparks and Kiera Cass ❤

56. Some of the local authors that I look up to are Alesana Marie, Bianca Salindong, Bob Ong (of course) and Bo Sanchez. 🙂

55. I am a not just a Bibliophile but I am more of a bookworm.

54. Reading books is really my hobby! In fact, I could spend a whole day by just reading.. and reading.. and reading 😀

53. I treat my books as my bestfriend. (That’s kinda weird, right?)

52. I would rather spend the weekend by reading rather than watching movies.

51. I love fiction most esp. romance 😀

50. I believe  that romantic books make me romantic also. Lol

49. One of my #LifeGoals actually is to have a library in my own house like the one in the picture below 🙂


48.  I am an adventurous person.

47. I love travelling.

46. The last place that I visited was in Nueva Ecija. 😉


Minalungao Park, Nueva Ecija

45. I haven’t experienced trips outside the country but if there is an opportunity, I will surely grab it.

44. I want to explore different places (like Dora Lol) 😀

43. I want to go to Paris, Heidelberg, Austria, Korea and New York. #TravelBucketList

42. I want to see Taylor Swift’s live performance in New York!!! 😍 (Swiftie fan here!)

41. I am an introvert.

40. I am avid and solid fan of Kathniel (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla 💙)

39. I started admiring him when I was 2nd Year (College).

37. I like them because no matter how far they have gone, they still remain who they are. Both are very down-to-earth. 😉

36. I easily get attracted to someone who is smart and/or has a good sense of humor.

35. I am not good in cracking jokes that’s why I admire those person who has a good sense of humor.

34.  I hate green jokes! 😜

33. Since I am not that good in cracking jokes, people often see me as a serious type.

32. Honestly, they are right but not at all times.

31. I am serious with my career.

30. I am NOT SERIOUS when I am with my friends. 🙂

29. When it comes to relationships, somehow I take it seriously..

28. I was a former member of NBSB – No Boyfriend since Break-Up until I met someone 😍

27. Let’s just call him “Rhon.” 😍

26. We met last September 04, 2015. After  2 months of courtship, we became official couple.


My better half  ❤ #RR

25. People often ask me, “Pang-ilang boyfriend mo na sya?” 

24. Then I would answer them, “Hmm.. Pang last” 😍 😘

23. I was not really like that in my past relationship but there is really something bout him that even if I have already seen him a lot of times, I still get butterflies in my stomach.  😍

22. If you’ll gonna ask me, how many times he entered my mind. My answer will be ONCE because since then, he never came out. 😃

So much for my lovelife! Haha.

21. I consider pasta (any kind) and burger as my comfort food.

22. For dessert, I prefer Graham Cake and Cookies ‘n Cream (ice cream)

21. I used to drink alcoholic beverages when I was a Freshman (College) but when I found out the rapid changes on my body, including those annoying belly fats, I stopped it 😀

20. Instead of drinking alcoholic beverages, I just drink coffee. ☕

19. I am a coffeeholic but since everything that is too much is bad for our health, I seldomly drink coffee. 😃

18. I can’t sleep without drinking milk (fresh milk/powdered milk)

17. I can’t sleep with the lights on.

16. My day usually starts at 10 am (weekend) and 8 am during weekdays.

15. I can’t leave our house without eating heavy breakfast 😀

14.  I am not an artsy-fartsy.

13. I only draw when I’m in the mood but it’s not that good Haha. It’s like an abstract.

12. I write poems whenever I have ample time.

11. The first poem I had written was entitled “Paalam sa Nakaraan”. I wrote that 5 years ago.

10. Someone broke my heart and that inspired me to I write that poem.

09. My goal for now is to be a LET Passer!!! (#SoHelpMeGod)

08. There are 6 members in my family – 4 persons (Papa, Mama, Yam and me ) and 2  adopted fur-babies namely Julynna and Marzia.

07. I am the “Ate” of my younger sister and our 2 fur babies 🙂

06. I am a dog-lover.

05. Black, White and Gray are my favorite colors.

04. I am a Scorpio.

03.  Most of my friends used to call me Riina (yeah. Riina as in R-I-I-N-A) that’s why I chose that to be the domain name of my blog.

02. Czarina is my real name.I was named after Julius Caesar, my mom’s favorite author.

01. If you want to know me more, then follow my blog 🙂

💖 CallMeRiina

Special Mention: Dr.Eamer and Cassiopeia


21 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. cody says:


    So nice to meet you via this about page in 117 sections.

    Seriously though, I love your blog and hope you continue this for a long time!

    I’l see you around, or maybe I’ll see you back on my site soon maybe you can comment on one of my posts!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Suzy Quinn says:

    So nice to meet you on your blog here! I just found your blog on the OM WordPress Meet and Greet. and eager to read your posts. I am a writing teacher as well, and I blog about teaching, mental health, birds, life, motherhood… all kinds of things. It will be nice to connect with someone who is also writing about some of those things. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • Suzy Quinn says:

        Thank you. 🙂 As for the name, it is actually a collective noun to describe a group of birds. Why birds? I launched this blog for multiple reasons – one of which is to write about a fictional family of birds. In another week, I plan to finally begin sharing those stories. Stay posted and I look forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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