DIY Travel Guide to Dingalan, Aurora – Batanes of the East

If you’re an adventurous person or you just simply want to relax and stay away from the city lights, Dingalan, Aurora is the perfect place to go.

You don’t have to spend too much just to experience the hidden gem of Aurora. For only 650 pesos, you’ll be able to explore Dingalan.

Want to know how? You better read this post. 😊

About Dingalan, Aurora

Nested between the Sierra Madre, the Mingan Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Dingalan boast a complete array of breath taking scenic spots, refreshing waterfalls, picnic grounds, snorkeling sites and many more destinations extending from sea to summit.

How to get there

📌 If you’re planning to go there via commute, there is a direct trip from Manila to Dingalan. Just ride a bus (Baliwag Transit) at 2nd Ave. Caloocan City. Fare costs 316 pesos only.

Departure from Caloocan & Dingalan 

  • First Trip – 4:00AM
  • Last Trip – 4:00PM

📌 Join a tour. There are lots of travel agencies online that offers a day tour. Just make sure that it’s a reliable one.

📌 Since ours is a DIY, we went to Dingalan from Rizal, Nueva Ecija using only 2 wheels (motorcycle). It took us 2 hours before we reached Dingalan.

Screenshot 2018-04-03 at 5.49.33 PM

🍃 Places to Visit 🍃

  • Tanawan Falls
  • White Beach
  • Lighthouse
  • Mountain View
  • Lamaw Cave

Our Itinerary



📍Dingalan Landmark – Few minutes away from Tanawan falls is the landmark of Dingalan. As expected, there were a lot of people who were also taking pictures that’s why we didn’t manage to have a photo without a photo bomber 😅

📍 Tanawan Falls – Prepare yourself for a 20-40 mins hike going to Tanawan falls. You cannot bring your car here since the road is too narrow. Only 2-3 wheels could pass. We paid 10 Pesos for the Parking fee.

We were all amazed upon seeing the Tanawan falls not only because of its beauty but it was too crowded also when we get there that’s why I wasn’t able to take a nice photo of the place. We only managed to take 2 photos but that’s fine, at least we were able to include it in our vlog.

The water is clean and clear and it’s a bit cold – perfect for summer! 🌞😎

📍White Beach – There are 2 options in going to White Beach, where the Lighthouse and famous Mountain View are situated.

OPTION 1: Hire a boat from Dingalan Feeder Port for ₱800-1,000.
OPTION 2: If you’re into walking, it will take you around 45-60 mins from Dingalan Feeder Port to White Beach.



It was called White Beach because of its white sand, however, because of typhoons the white sands are washed out.

Anyway, the beach is still spectacular.


📍Lighthouse – To add more thrill to your adventure, from White Beach, you need to hike going to Lighthouse for 15-20 mins.

Look at this spectacular view 😍 True to its name, it was really worth it!

photo credits:

📍 Mountain view – We were not able to go there since the rain was about to fall but we’ll definitely go back to Dingalan just to see this place.

photo not mine. ctto

📍Lamao Cave – We were also not able to go there because of the strong wind and big waves.

Even though, there were places that we wasn’t able to visited, it’s still fine with us. At least, we still have something to look forward to the next time that we’ll visit here because we would love to go back here!!! 😍

Actual Rate

🔹Tanawan falls entrance fee – ₱20 per head
🔹Parking fee (near Tanawan falls) – ₱10 pesos per motorcycle/tricycle
🔹Boat fee – ₱800 (fixed already)
**Additional ₱100  for extra person
🔹Environmental fee – ₱50 per head
🔹Tour Guide – ₱200 per tourist spot

Cottage (daytour) – ₱500
(overnight) – ₱1,500

🔹Tanawan falls entrance fee – ₱20 per head
🔹Parking fee (near Tanawan falls) – ₱10 per motorcycle/tricycle
🔹Boat fee – ₱100 (divide 800 to 8 pax – since we were 8 who hired the boat)
🔹Tour Guide – ₱25
* We visited only 1 tourist spot which is Lighthouse that’s why we paid ₱200 (as a group)
🔹Environmental fee – ₱25
** It should be ₱400 but since we got a 50% discount because 4 of us are professionals (2 teachers, 1 registered social worker and a lawyer), we paid ₱200 only (as a group)

*** ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS (Applicable to Environmental fee only) ⬇
◾Senior Citizen (free)
◾PWD (free)
◾ Professionals
✔ Just present a valid ID.

🔹Gas – ₱250
🔹 T-shirt – ₱220

TOTAL OF ₱650 per head 

Who to contact

Rina with Kuya Herbert (Tour Guide)

There are a lot of Tour Guides in Dingalan Feeder Port. Most of them are kind and thoughtful. We didn’t choose who will be our tour guide since they are the ones who provided us a tour guide who happens to be Kuya Herbert. Sorry we forgot to get his last name and contact number. 😞

Where to Stay

We went there for a day tour only that’s why we didn’t got the chance to experience to rent for a transient house/room. However, there are a lot of homestays and small hotels around the area. One of them is Lourdes and Buboy’s Cottages. You may reach them at 091850360 or 09272882560.

Where to Buy Souvenir Items

Before you go back to Manila, you might be interested to buy souvenir items. There are stores near Tanawan Falls where you could buy souvenir items.

T-shirt – 170 to ₱220 (price depends on the design)
Keychain – ₱20
Ref Magnet – ₱60


🔹 ALWAYS plan your itinerary ahead of time.
🔹If you’re planning for a DIY Daytour in Dingalan, make sure to leave your house early so you’ll be able to catch the first trip to White Beach at around 6 in the morning.
🔹Patience is a virtue. You have to be patient (most esp. if you’ll be travelling alone) in waiting for possible tourists who might join in your DIY tour.
🔹The early time that you arrive in White Beach means you’ll have more time in hiking and taking pictures PLUS less photo bombers.
🔹Always bring your own food and water if you want to save money or you buy your food/water in the store near Dingalan Feeder Port. The food and water there is cheaper than those being sold in the beach.
🔹 You are not allowed to hike going to Lighthouse alone. It is required to have a Tour Guide.


Don’t forget to watch our vlog here ⬇







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  3. Erica Brophy

    We are heading to Dingalan in April this year. We are a group of 14 so your site has helped us organise trips. Looks amazing and can’t wait to experience it all



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