#GuessTheColors Contest

May 2, 2017 (11:52am)

My boyfriend told me that he also wanted to have another contest but this time, the organizers are the two of us 💑

The prize will be a Kathniel merchandise signed by Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla or a VG (video greet) from them.


Answer this simple question.

“IN CORRECT ORDER.. What do you think are the TOP 4 Favorite Colors of my love, Rhon?”

Participants should comment down their answers!

First 3 to get the correct answer will be the winner.

Deadline: May 7 (8pm) only.


  Don’t forget to LIKE the status to make your answer VALID.

  Read the instructions carefully. Failure to obey may lead to disqualification.

 4 Colors only and it should be in correct order.


The same with the first contest, there were still a lot of hopefuls who joined in this contest that’s why we, as organizers, are very happy!

May 7, 2017 (8pm) 

We finally announced the winner through my FB account and she is no other than.. Maricar Bocangallo from Marikina City.


Her prize will be a VG since she is also working like us and most of the time, she is not available for set visit. 🙂

Coming up next ➡️ Third On-Going Contest 😍💙



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