Goodbye Blogosphere 😭😭😭

Hello dear readers!Β 

How are you doing?Β 

I hope you are all fine.

You might be surprised with my post but I am pretty sure about it. 😭

So before anything else, allow me to say these words..

To those who followed me (and who are still following my blog),Β to my lovely readers and to my new friends here in blogosphere.. Thank you so much!Β 

I don’t have anything more to say but..


This is not me haha! #SwiftieFanHere


Only few days left and it will be the big day!Β 

Wondering what the big day is?

This oneΒ πŸ‘‡


Yes, you’re right. I will be leaving the blogosphere for the meantime.

I badly need to concentrate with REVIEW for my upcoming and fast approaching board exam!

It is quite challenging though not only because I need to FOCUS on reviewing but I also need to attend to my work which is teaching.

Take note: I am handling 4 sections. I am working for 8 hours from Tuesday to Saturday.

My review schedule from Tuesday to Saturday is 2 hours before my work. Sundays and Mondays are also allotted for review.


So that’s it.

I am saying goodbye for now because I cannot manage to do 3 things all at the same time:

reviewing, teaching, and blogging. Β 

I have to MANAGE MY TIME wisely and with that, I need to give up blogging.

I need to PLAN in order for me not to fail!

“I promise. I will not fail in this exam.” #thinkpositive


I hope you’d understand.Β 

I will get back as soon as my board exam is done.

I will definitely miss all of you.





19 thoughts on “Goodbye Blogosphere 😭😭😭

  1. SheryLβ™₯ says:

    No worries! Not glad to see you go but I totally understand why you have to. I once took that exam 6 years ago. I know how “pressure” feels like. God be with you! Come back with the bacon. πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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