Sweetest Handcuffs

These past few months, we frequently see people being arrested by the police and have handcuffs on their hands. They become immobilized and their movements are very limited. It’s an embarrassing scene to be watched but don’t you ever wonder what it feels like to be caught by the sweetest handcuffs?

Handcuffs are two metal circles with chains to connect them. They are used by the police to prevent fugitives to escape from them but what made the sweetest handcuffs special?

These handcuffs vary in size but similar in shape which is circle. It can also have design on it and you can add gems to make it more fascinating. It doesn’t have chains to connect them but when you wear it, your heart is already chained to the other half of the handcuffs. Even though it is a small thing, it symbolizes the deep love that invisibly connects two hearts knowing that whatever it takes, these handcuffs will be the proof of their LOVE for each other.

Want to know what is the sweetest handcuffs? 😊


Photo credits: NB Wedding Photography

It’s a couple 💍 ! It’s special when it’s from the heart but even more special when the person you love gave it to you. 😍




This coming Valentine’s Day, do you want to be caught by the sweetest handcuffs? 😍




Photo Credits: NB Wedding Photography




Author: V.Anne, a student of mine



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