Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Hooray! What’s up lovely readers? 😊

We all know that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I do believe that Valentine’s Day should be celebrated not just by 💑 but also with your 👪  and 👭.

Have you decided what will be your gift for them this Valentine’s Day? If not, then I can help you with that 😊

When it comes to giving gifts, I prefer those hand-made/DIY rather than things that can be bought like 🍫🍫🍫, 🌹🌹🌹 and the like. Aside from the fact that you can save money from buying expensive stuffs, you can also personalize it also.

Below are some gift ideas that I’m sure your loved ones will like 😊

1. Flowers – You might be thinking of a bouquet of roses but NO! The flower that I am talking about is a paper tulip origami. What’s nice about this is that you can put your message on the stem of the tulip before rolling them.

There are a lot of video tutorials in Youtube that you could watch in order to make your own paper tulip origami. 😊


2. Love letters – I do personally believe that love letters never go out of style. No need to say more about this. 😊


Another way of expressing yourself through love letters is by making an Alphabet of Love. If you’ve been following my site and reading my posts, you would remember that few months ago, October 2016 to be exact, I made my own DIY: Alphabet of Love



3. Valentine Cards – If you are a type of person who is not that expressive when it comes to your loved ones, here is a perfect gift that you can give to someone. It does not require a lot of messages.. only few words will do. Just make sure that it will come from the ❤️️.

Need help in creating your Valentine Cards? I think Tabi can help you with that.




4. Bake a cake – If your partner has a sweet tooth then probably you can give her a cake. If you don’t know how to bake a cake, you can ask somebody to help you with that .You can also buy ready made cupcakes and put some decor on it. It will be a bit costly but the effort is still there. 😊



5. Go on a Date – Each of us has their own ideal date but whatever it is, it’s very important that we consider the following:

  • your date
  • you and your partner’s hobby
  • budget 😊

Since I mentioned the budget already, if in case you are somewhat a practical type of guy, you can still go on a date without spending that much! How? Here are some choices that you could select on:

  • Movie date in your house – Before anything else, ask your partner if she is comfortable watching movie in your house. If not, then be prepared with Plan B. 😊 If yes, the ask her what is her favorite genre and you can start from there. Don’t forget the popcorn 😉
  • Cook his favorite meal – We know the saying, “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Prior to your dinner date, ask him what is his favorite food or what he is craving for. I know he will love you more when you do this one. For the boys: Please do appreciate the effort of your girl. No matter how awful the taste is esp. if you know that she doesn’t cook a lot (just like me), she still exerted an effort just to make this day special. 😊
  • Serenade her – If you don’t have work/school on Valentine’s Day, why not surprise your girl by visiting her at work/school and serenade her with your theme song or her favorite song? I’m pretty sure that he will love you more when you do it for her. For the girls, if you know that music hates your boy, just appreciate him and his effort! 😉

So there you go. These are just some Valentine ideas for you and your loved ones. If in case you would add some more, you may drop your suggestions in the comment box and I would be glad to read them. 😊

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Let’s spread some LOVE this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Til my next post on Valentine Edition presents.. 💋



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