An Open Letter to the Girl Who is Still Trying

Hey girl, you love him truly. Don’t you? Isn’t he your first thought in the morning and last in the night? You always check your phone to see if there is any call or text from him. You always want to spend time with him because that makes you happy. He is your first priority. Isn’t he? But girl does he consider you this much special? Are you his first priority? No.

You are losing your sleep for him but he is sleeping well with a different other girl on his mind. You are waiting for his texts but he is probably texting that ‘other girl’. Because you are not the one he wants. Maybe you are one of his wants. But do you deserve this? No.

You try to move on but again he comes and gives reply to your text which you sent him three days ago. He again talks to you and makes you feel special. He tells that he misses you and that makes you feel like to do everything for this guy. He says he doesn’t like that you talk to other guys. That makes you feel like to leave everything and do everything just to keep him pleased.

He can control your emotions and only he can. How nice! But then he is gone again. No actually he is there but not for you. He is posting on social media and hanging around with his friends. And there you are, waiting for him to come. Don’t worry he will text you again when he feels like.

But girl you don’t deserve this. You deserve someone who makes you feel like you are the one. And loves the imperfect you perfectly. So forget about him. Because if you are not the girl he is giving his all to, then he should not be the boy whom you are still dedicated to.

– A girl who finally gave up.

Author: Truth Slap (Originally posted in FB)


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