Every decisions that we make has a result, it is either good or bad. There is a girl who is not thinking about her decisions in life; she always depend on others. Behind her smile, you will never thought she is a weak person. This girl is no other than myself.

There is a guy who is a transferee in our school. We have different section but both of us are in the same year level. I never thought that he will be my friend and get closer with him. We always talked about something and about our likes and wants.

One day, he asked for permission to court me. At that time, I think  I’m falling in love with him. So I decided to try. As the day passes by, we got to knew each other a lot. Before his birthday, I answered him and finally, we became official couple. We do things together, we made a lot of memories.

Two months later, I broke up with for a nonsense reason. I can’t understand myself for doing that thing. One week without communication with him, until one time we’re texting and then I realize my mistakes, he accepted me again. We broke up for the second and third time. I felt like so stupid girl in the world. I didn’t think who will be hurt. I don’t care about his feelings, feelings of others. I’m a selfish woman. I took him for granted. He is an ideal man but all of a sudden, I lost him. I lost the one I love. I didn’t make decisions that is right. I love him but this is not the right time for us. I know he’s happy. But now, I’m already moved on from him.

Yes, I admit it. He is my TOTGA – The One that Got Away.

Maybe I’m not matured enough to make decisions that is right for me and for others. Another lesson, think twice not once before doing and speaking anything. From now on, I need to decide which is right for me.

Author: Jstn, one of my students in G11-E



2 thoughts on “TOTGA

  1. sudershana says:

    You are right sometimes we take things and some people for granted and their absence took to make us realize the importance of their presence. Life is to move on but the lessons are indeed their to help us to make good decisions in future✌👍

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