Fading Love

Dear readers,

Today, is the first day of February and as we all know, February is the month of LOVE so for this month, I planned to post/feature some stories, poems and essays that is related to LOVE. I hope you will read them. 💟

Thanks 😘


“When I love someone I will be faithful, I want her to feel that she’s special to me, I’ll do everything to make her happy even if  I’m not part of her happiness I still love her with all my heart.

I’ve been in a relationship for 3 years and 5 months, our love story is like Romeo and Juliet it’s like the whole world is against us, but because we love each other we overcome everything that is trying to destroy us. Suddenly, we encountered the long distance relationship, she was in manila and I’m here in Batangas, we both know that it’s going to be hard but still we keep on fighting to keep our love story steady. At first I can’t feel that we’re far from each other because the sweetness is still there even if it’s just a text message. Although I know that there will be changes. In the month of September I started to feel the coldness of her love for me, it was exactly September 25, 2016 when she texted me and she said, “I need to tell you something, I met someone his name is patrick, the reason why I’m not replying on your texts, why I’m not answering your calls is because I’m busy to someone else.” I felt hurt. I never thought that she can do that to me, but still in my heart I love her so much. She wanted to broke up with me that time but I don’t want, I told her that we can still fix this, just don’t let go. We continue our love story like nothing happened. I still have my trust for her, and then suddenly it happened again three times but still I can’t let her go, I really love her, I want to achieve my goals with her, I want to achieve our plans in the future like, we’re planning to go to Paris after we finish our college, but it seems like it’s so impossible to happen because she already gave up on us.

In the end I realize that I don’t have to force someone to love me back. I learned that I shouldn’t give my full attention to someone who’s not worthy for my love. Now I’m turning the next page of my life without her.”

Author: Jzel, one of my students in G11-E



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