Hello Korea

December 21, 2016

It was the first day of my Christmas vacation and since I missed my family, I decided to treat them in advance by going to Korea. LOL! Korean Temple I meant 😄

What I liked about the place is the ambiance – it is so peaceful and relaxing. Perfect for those who wants to meditate and reflect PLUS the view is superb!

This Korean Temple is located in Silang Cavite.

How to get there:
 From Manila, just ride a bus bound to tagaytay drop off to Estrella Hospital, Silang Cavite

 Then take a tricycle in 711, tell the driver to drop you off in Korean Temple, Pooc II

 Other option is, from 711 straight ahead until you reach the bayan there are some jeeps passing by the temple; tell them to drop you off in Pooc II, Korean Temple

Bus Terminals are mostly in Baclaran and Lawton (fare ranging to P70.00-90.00/depends on a bus)

Tricycle fare option (P80.00 special trip/less gastos if you are by group going there)

Jeep option (P15.00) Note that the jeeps, going there are limited

Safe budget is around P250.00

Here are some photos that I have captured!

Enjoy 😘


and some photos of us! 😊



That would be all for now. Annyeong!



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