A Day in Tagaytay

Dear Readers,

How are you guys doing? I know it’s kinda late already but I’m still going to say it.. Happy New Year everyone! Wishing all of you the best this 2017. 

Below is my late post. Huhu! I forgot to publish it because of my hectic sched. once again! Apologies everyone 😂 I hope you will still read it. Thank you!

December 25, 2016

This is how we spent the birth of Jesus Christ. 💟

First, we went to Pink Sisters located in Tagaytay.

We left Dasmarinas, Cavite at 8:00 in the morning and we arrived there at 10am. We were late for the last mass in the morning and the next mass is 5:00 in the afternoon so we just prayed as a family and afterwards, we had our tour around the place.

These are what we saw 😍






(L-R) Me, my sister, my cousin, my auntie, mom and dad


(L-R) dad, my sister, mom, me, my auntie and my cousin


(L-R) me, my sister, my cousin, my auntie, mom and dad

We left Pink Sisters at around 11 in the morning.

Our next destination was in People’s Park Tagaytay.

We were surprised with what we saw! It really reminded me the real essence of Christmas is family. It took us almost an hour before we finally had the chance to ride a jeepney going to People’s Park.

Time check: 1:30 pm

We arrived in People’s Park at 1:30pm. Though we waited for almost a decade (LOL), it was worth it!

People’s Park which is also located in Tagaytay is known for its cold temperature that is why most people visit that place.





“We’re on the top of the world.. LOL”

I also experienced horse back riding for 20php only! Can you believe that? Haha!


My first time to do horseback riding. Mehehe.


“Hello there my dear Horsey”

It has been a memorable Christmas celebration because of two things – the super duper heavy traffic jam 😔😔😔 and the unique celebration (Me and my family usually spend Christmas in our house but this time, it was different.)

What I learned about this trip is that, NEVER EVER go out during peak season unless you want to try what we had experienced!

PS: We left People’s Park at 3:30 and we arrived home at 8pm. 5hrs of travel. Can you imagine that? Urgh. We were all tired but then again.. it was worth it!

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!




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