When in Batangas Part 2

Hooray my dear readers and followers! How are you? Hope you are all doing fine. As I said in my previous post, I’ll be having a mini-series of “When in Batangas” adventure and since I was flattered by your feedback, even though I am super busy, I still tried my best to update my blog. I hope you’ll like it and don’t forget to leave some comments! I would love to read them! 😉

If in case you missed reading the 1st part of my Batangas escapade, click here.

(Day 1) November 19, 2016

This is the continuation of our Batangas escapade with my better half. 😊

  • 4th Stop – Fantasy World, Tagaytay

You might get confused. Tagaytay is no longer part of Batangas but still since it is listed in our itinerary for that day, I still included it in my blog 😃

(Trivia: Tagaytay is part of Cavite and Cavite is near to Batangas)

We arrived there at around 11:30am and yes, you are right! We stroll using my boyfriend’s motorcycle 😃

We don’t have much money that day that’s why we were not able to go inside the castle, we just took some pictures outside Haha!

I also took a selfie before we left. (nyaha! Sorry for the face 😂)


  • 5th Stop – Cannon Woods

Few meters away when we stopped by at Cannon Woods. Again, we took photos again 😄

It was windy yet foggy that time that is why I am holding my hair like that 😂

PS: There is still part 3 of our #WhenInBatangas escapade! Hope you’ll be patient enough to wait 😊

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