PUSH Awards 2016

photo not mine

It was a lightbulb moment with  matching fireworks when I found out upon my feed in Facebook that Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla won 8 out of 9 awards in this year’s Push Awards.


Push Like Group/ Tandem 


Push Tweet Female Celebrity


Push Tweet Male Celebrity


Push Tweet Group/Tandem


Push Gram Female Celebrity


Push Gram Group/Tandem


Push Play Group/Tandem


Push Elite Tandem Celebrity of the Year

Wow! Just wow! 8/9 awards?! Truly unbeatable Kathniel!

You made us proud once again!

Congratulations Kath and DJ to another milestone in your career! Iloveyou both from infinity until underground 😘

To all the Kathniel fans in the whole universe.. Congratulations to us! 😚💙

via Daily Prompt: Underground


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