In Becoming a Teacher

From being a student-teacher


to a certified Learning Facilitator..


Sometimes, I asked myself.

Was there a changed happened to me in the past months?


I could still remember my very first day as a teacher.

That was July 11, 2016.

There were several things that happened to me that day.

Since that was my first day of teaching and first time to have an advisory class, I was a bit nervous at first. Later on, as time goes by, my nervousness lessened and I became more comfortable talking in front.

I was so tired that day because aside from my shift was 7am-7pm (that day since it was the first day of the school year), I also passed the certification in our 1 month training 😊

To cut the long story short, my Day 1 in Teaching has been really good until now. (Thanks G!) :*

Indeed, the influence never stops and if I would be given a chance to live my life again, I would still be choosing to be a Teacher because I know in myself, I can find happiness whenever I see my students learn from me and also from their experiences.

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3 thoughts on “In Becoming a Teacher

  1. Jayson Santos says:

    Teaching is a very noble profession. You can touch and influence lives. You have the power to bring dreams to life and you have the power to crash spirits. I still remember all the names of my teachers from elementary to college.

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