Perks of being a Teacher


September 30, 2016 

It was just an ordinary day for some but not for me. I was a bit busy that day since there would be two programs in our school – Literacy Month Celebration and Teacher’s Day.

Everything went fine during the Literacy Month celebration. The program started at 2:30 in the afternoon until 4:30.

Right after the program, the Marketing Assistant and some students instructed us, teachers to just stay inside the School Head’s office. We don’t have any idea why and what was going on. We just follow what they said and after 30 minutes, there were some male students who knocked and the door and told us that we can now go outside.


We walked through that aisle while some male students escorted us to our seats.


We didn’t know that the students prepared a program for us, teachers. We all thought that the program will be done by classroom. (#expecttheunexpected) 😊


There were several videos made by the students that were shown in the program.

It was already 6 in the afternoon when the program ended.

We went back to the office for the most awaited part (chos! haha) which was the eating portion 😃

I was about to eat when one of my students in my advisory class went to the office and said..

“Miss, can I ask you a favor?”

Then I replied, “What is it?”

“Can I blindfold you?”

I didn’t even say yes but she still blindfolded me. She helped me until we get inside the classroom.


Even if I cannot see anything because of the blindfold, I could still sense that the room was dark. Maybe they turn off the lights 😄

There were also students who told me, “Miss, don’t be nervous.”


As the time passes by, my heart is beating really fast as if I ran for 20 kilometers.

The students who are also inside the room where singing “Wherever you will go by the Calling”


After they sang, the lights where turned on and they played a sweet song entitled, “King and Queen of Hearts.” 

Upon playing that song, the students instructed me to remove the blindfold and I slowly opened my eyes.

To my surprise, I saw.. him. I saw my man 😍

My hands are cold. I can feel the butterflies in my stomach as he slowly walked towards me..

He is carrying 3 red roses and he whispered..

“Special delivery to a special person like you..

..Can I have this dance?”


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My world slows down..

as if there is no one who is looking us..

as if the only people in that room was us 😍

It was so magical.

It’s as if I came back to my HS days.


After we danced, we took our seat and there were students who gave their short messages.

They even asked me to deliver a speech for them.

So I came up with

“Grade 11 E- Section E

E stands for E-verything because for me, they are my


I am so blessed because I have a memorable Teacher’s Day.

I have wonderful students and I have a loving and sweet boyfriend.





This was my first time to celebrate teacher’s day that I am a teacher and not a student.

Looking forward to more unforgettable surprises like this.

PS: Thank you for this presents my dear students :*

To all the Teachers in the world, “Happy Teacher’s Day Ma’am/Sir” 🙂



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