One more try

Should we stay or should we say goodbye
Walk away or give it one more try
What a waste to let our dreams just fly
And as the days go by
We’ll always wonder why.

I’ve been inactive these past few days. You might also be wondering what will I be posting right now. I won’t be beating around the bush anymore but I want to ask you something.

When was the last time you said “I quit. I don’t want it anymore. I give up. I resign.”

Nowadays, many people are torn with “I still want to give it a try” and “I am sick of what I am doing so I’ll just leave.”

That is exactly what I am going through right now. There are times that I really wanted to just walk away for a moment and relax but how can I do that if I spent almost 10hrs and 5 days a week with work. Sometimes I wonder, am I just the only one in this world who is experiencing this one?

Until now, I am still confused with what I’m going to do.

“Should I stay, or should I leave? Should I get up and try again or give up and surrender?”

Those are the questions that keep on playing into my mind.

“If I leave, will I be happy?”

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Exactly. I can never foretell what’s bound to happen if I leave. Besides, I don’t have any plan B or C yet with regard to the job.

Maybe I just need to STOP worrying that much. STOP thinking negative things.

Instead maybe I need to START accepting that this is the reality of life. You work, you earn but at the same time you sacrifice and get tired. That’s normal right? We are only human. We all get tired. What should we do if we are tired? Take a rest but NEVER QUIT. NEVER GIVE UP.

So, I think I already found out the answer to my question before.

“Should I stay, or should I leave? Should I get up and try again or give up and surrender?”

My answer is NO!

I will stay and I will never leave. I will get up and try again. I will never surrender no matter how tough the situation is.

Life may be tough but I am tougher. πŸ™‚



6 thoughts on “One more try

  1. Aey Moris says:

    Stress lang yan, Rina ka! πŸ™‚ Kaya mo yan, lahat naman tayo dumadaan sa ganyang phase in life. Suck those co-employees na akala mo boss char πŸ˜€ Iwasan mo muna ang OT hahahahahaha! There’s a life to live after work ❀

    Liked by 1 person

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