Barcelona: A Love Untold (Movie Review)

Oh gosh! How can I start this one?!

Ever since I saw the teaser I can’t help myself but to watch it again and again.

If you have read my previous post, you would easily know that i joined the Nescafe contest but I did not won. Well, that was just my first attempt.

Since I really wanted to watch the recent movie of Kathniel, I joined again but this time, I won!!! 😄

Screenshot 2016-09-19 at 12.17.08 PM.png

September 17, 2016 came. 😍 Good thing I don’t have work that day so I really rushed to the mall with of course, my one and only Mahal ko 😘

Not to mention that the group (Kathniel Twinkles) which I am handling also have a Blockscreening that day in Robinsons Galleria. Though I already knew that I would not be able to watch the movie with KNT, I still went to Robinsons Galleria to see them. 😄

This photo was taken after watching the movie 🙂

We left early since the calltime for the Nescafe blockscreening is 6pm. Passed 6 in the afternoon when we arrived to SM Megamall.

free movie ticket PLUS free snacks 🙂

It was around 7 in the evening when we entered the cinema. There were already a lot of fans that time. Luckily, we were the first to get inside the cinema so we were able to choose where we will be sitting.

We sat on the very first row so that I could see Kathniel closely and I was also hoping that I would be able to have a picture with them.

Around 8:30 when Kathniel came! As expected, they were very sweet when they came which makes the fans get wild 😃

Tita Min (Kathryn’s mom) was also there but I don’t have a picture of her because my attention was with KN (Haha!)

 Time flies so fast. We don’t even feel that it was already 9:30pm when the movie started.


If there is one word that would best describe the movie, I would say “SUPERB!” 😍

I was amazed with the transformation happened between Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. The movie did not just just meet my expectations.. but it exceeded it!

Hands down to the whole cast, production and staff and most esp. to Direk Olivia Lamasan. A must watch movie indeed!


PS: I’m planning to watch it again. Maybe on Sunday? Haha! Since the following day is 26, me and my boyfriend will be celebrating our 10th month so why not watch the movie again, right?

If you haven’t watched it yet.. please do watch it NOW (or if you have some time). I tell you, it’s really worth a penny.

That would be all for now. 😊

PPS: Special thanks to the following ⤵

💙 NescafePh for the free movie tickets and snacks 😃


💙 Kathniel Twinkles and DJP Squad 😃


💙 Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla for visiting us during the Nescafe Blockscreening 😍

💙 Mahal ko, Mr. Sandroneil Dival for being such a supportive boyfriend. Iloveyou. 😘

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last but definitely not the least..

💙 to our almighty God. 😃




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