BTS: Rated K

Rated K is a magazine show broadcast on ABS-CBN in the Philippines. It is hosted by Korina Sanchez. The program is similar in style and presentation with the defunct magazine program Balitang K which was also hosted by Sanchez.

Rina Perez SPOTTED on Rated K?!

Here’s a short story of how it all started ☺

August 26 at 4:23pm

One of the Admins of Kathniel Twinkles (official fansclub) posted a picture saying..


But before that, I already decided not to attend my class on Thursday for some other reasons. When i saw, BlueAnne’s post, I never hesitated to grab that opportunity. 😄 

Some opportunities knock only once.


To cut the long story short, I went to the location (Quezon Memorial Circle) all by myself. #SOLOFlightItIs ! Haha

just ignore the background! Lol 😄

I arrived at the location 10 am! sooo early, Haha! I know but what can I do? I am so excited! It’ll be my time to shine Lol. Yeah, that’s what actually in my head.


I met other friends 😄 – from different fansclub.




We were about to start with the shoot when the rain comes 😔 #WrongTiming !


After an hour, the staff have already set-up their camera etc.



and Ms. Korina Sanchez arrived.


Then the shoot began 😊


Some of us were also given the chance to be interviewed. The interviewee asked us if we have some sweet videos of Kathniel. Luckily, Twinkles have one so I was included in the interview:

Interviewee: Anong pinaka sweet na video ang nakuhaan niyo (Twinkles)?

Me: Para po sa’min, yung video po na minamasahe ni Kath si Daniel Padilla. 😍

The full episode was aired last August 30,2015 and it really goes Viral!

#UnbeatableKathnielOnRatedK was on top of the trending lists on Twitter!

I was also overwhelmed by the support that my co-fan girls have shown esp. the Kathniel Twinkles and even my family supported me by watching it even if they were all tired and sleepy mehehe.



There were also some un- cut scenes and one of them are these

This is just another milestone that I have reached in my so called “showbiz career” hihi.

Looking forward for more projects!

Bless me God. 😊

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