From Blogging to Acting!

From being an ordinary student to being a blogger and now a TALENT?! Whoaaa! Still can’t believe it!

It all started last Monday, Aug.02, 2015. I was on my way to school when an unknown number phoned me.

At first, I rejected the call. Then after 5 minutes I guess, he called again. I answered it this time.

Hello, may I speak to Rina?”, the guy on the phone asked.

“Speaking.. who’s this please?”, I answered with curiosity on my voice.

“This is Jaja Fojas of BEA Talent. I worked in ABS-CBN as a Talent Coordinator.”

“Oh, really?”, I’m still full of doubts.

I was actually wondering how he got my number.

After sometime, I remembered, a guy approached me at the mall and asked me if I want to be an artist (actress). I laughed at him because I thought he was just fooling around but when I realized that he is serious.. I answered him with “Me? As in Me? Why?”

It was him who giggled this time.

“Because you have the potential. You have the looks and talent, I guess?”

To cut the long story short.. I became one of their talents and I will be part of the up-coming series of ABS-CBN which is “And I Love You So” starring Iñigo Pascual, Julia Barretto and Miles Ocampo 🙂


                    the whole cast of And I Love You So                           (photo not mine 😛 )

But lemme just clarify things. I WON’T BE DOING A MAJOR ROLE HERE. Like ‘bestfriend’ of the major characters! No it’s not like that! 😀 I am just starting so… I’ll be doing just a minor role 🙂

Anyways, what I am after here is the EXPERIENCE. That’s it. 😉

and Here’s the good news!

They will also be having an ONLINE AUDITION for those talent-wanna-be SOON!

Here’s how to join 🙂


That would be all for now!

And I Love You So very very soon! ✨



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