Just Another Typical Day

On me: Forever21 Top, Vetus Denim Shorts and Keds Shoes

People often asks me, what does a typical day look like for me.

Well, honestly.. it took me some time before I have finally answered that ‘simple’ question.

As a student/ friend/ classmate/ daughter/ sister/ model, I really have a hard time looking for a not-so-hectic sched.

But whenever I have time, I usually spend it with my family. 🙂

We usually go to church every Sunday, eat at a good restaurant, go to the mall to buy groceries or spend the day at the park but most often, we’d rather stay at home and it’ll be just us who will cook our food.

The last statement is actually my favorite ❤

That’s our way of expressing our love for each other.

You’d often see me wearing a simple top and a shorts (like the picture shown above) but of course it depends on where am I going.

Part of my ordinary day also is to bond with my dog 🐶


Marcia (left) and Julynna (right)

They’re cute right? 🙂

Right? Haha

How about you? What does your typical day look like? 🙂



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