Journal #5

You can,

You Should,

and if you’re brave enough to start,

You will.

~Stephen King

After three consecutive sleepless nights and two weeks of preparation, my most awaited day has come – my first and last teaching demonstration in English for Specific Purposes (ESP).

I slept at 10pm and got up as early as 3am so I could have enough time in reviewing my lesson to be presented in my teaching demonstration.

My mom helped me in preparing the tokens for the 2 evaluators – my ESP teacher, Sir B and my Cooperating Teacher, Mrs. Filart.

I left our house at 5;30 in the morning and it was exactly 7am when I arrived in school. As I entered the room, LH303/304 in the building of CAS (College of Arts and Sciences), I have seen that my CT was already there and there were only few students so I told them to just wait for the others who are still coming.

Meanwhile, I texted Sir B and he said that I should wait for him before I start with my teaching demonstration.

Honestly, I was quite nervous while I was standing in front of the class because it was my first time to handle a big class.

As far as I could still recall, my first teaching demonstration (Teaching of Listening and Reading) happened 2 years ago. There is a greater number of students during that time compared to the present however, we only have 15 minutes to present the topic  unlike in ESP, I have to present and make the students grasp the topic for 1 hour.

Of course I started my discussion with a prayer followed by the seating arrangements and checking of attendance. I have also presented a motivational activity that they have really enjoyed. Then I moved on with my topic which is Generating and Organizing Ideas Using Tables. I have provided hand-outs for them as well as instructional materials (paper-point) 😤

As I was standing in front of them, I have observed that there were some students who have been very quiet and looked like they have not eaten their breakfast, while most of the students who were seated in front where well-behaved and actively participating with the discussion.

Sir B left early because he still have to meet his class.

My cooperating teacher then, asked me to just continue with my discussion.


photo taken during my discussion



I have given them a seat work

I dismissed the class at 8:20am. I also asked them to write their comments and ratings with regard to my teaching demonstration.


during the student’s evaluation

During my vacant time, I tried to read some of their comments and I was really flattered because they have really appreciated all of my efforts.

Most of them gave me a rating of 9. There were 18 students who had given me a rating of 8 and 10.

As I scanned the evaluation sheet of Sir B, he gave me a rating of 46 out of 50 on my teaching demonstration and 23 out of 24 on my lesson plan.

If I am going to rate my performance from 1-10 (1 as the lowest and 10 as the highest), I would be giving myself a rating of 9. Why? Because I deserve it and I worked hard for it. From looking for a content specialist, staying late at school just to talk with my cooperating teacher (content specialist), conducting 2 sessions of classroom observation at exactly 7am, doing some research about their topic which is Pre-natal Development, revising my lesson plan for several times, going to school even if I do not have a class just to make sure that the lesson plan and the instructional materials that I will be using were approved down to my first and last teaching demonstration. Instead of getting a perfect score, I prefer to get a rating of 9. I may have done extensive effort but still it is not enough because there are few things that should be improved.

As the saying goes, there should always be a room for improvement.

            This new experience made me realized that being a teacher is not a piece of cake.  There must be a combination of hard work, skills and knowledge, passion, perseverance, dedication and most importantly, a lot of patience. Aside from that, this experience made me also realized that there is no such thing as instant mastery of the subject matter. You really have to devote your time in researching, reading, and internalizing the topic so you could somehow, easily understand it. You also have to undergo into different stages of difficulty just to have a deeper understanding of what you are going to teach and it requires arduous work.


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