Journal #4

It might not be tonight, tomorrow, or the other day,

but everything is going to be okay.

That’s for sure.

~Willa Cather

It has been almost a week with no classes because of the bad weather but it doesn’t mean that we have not done anything. Most of my classmates took the time to shoot, tape, and edit their music video in Speech and Stage Arts while I decided to start writing my lesson plan. I listed different possible activities that were suited to my students who were taking BS Psychology. Everything turned out well however, something quite alarming happened last Tuesday, July 14.

I came to school early. Creative writing was my first class and as a routine, we started the class with a prayer led by Pink. She included into her prayers our classmate and a good friend named Bea. She prayed that hopefully, Bea will be feeling better soon. “Maybe Bea had a flu”, that’s what in my mind. When I could no longer take my curiosity, I asked my seatmate, Jesselle regarding what happened to Bea. She said that Bea was sick for days and what’s worse was she had a dengue.

Those words that my classmate said reminded me of my younger sister. I remember the time when we were all at the hospital because my sister was diagnosed with dengue. We were all so worried about her because she was just 9 years old then; that’s why when I heard Bea’s condition, the feeling I had with my sister suddenly came back.

I took a deep breath and say a little prayer. I prayed that Bea would be able to surpass her condition and she would be feeling better soon.

On the following day, one of my classmates received a text message from Bea’s sister. Bea’s platelet count became lower and she needed a transfusion as soon as possible. They needed to buy 6 bags of blood and each bag costs 20,000php. it is too expensive so we decided to look for funds to lessen the expenses of Bea’s family. We shared  some of our allowances and we also asked the help of some of our professors. We extended our help not because Bea is our classmate but because we treat each member of the class (BSE English 4-2) as a family – our second family, indeed.

Up until now, we don not know what is going to happen but one thing is for sure – God will not allow things to happen without a purpose. we just have to pray harder for Bea’s fast recovery.


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