Unrequited Love


It’s been a long while since the last time I’ve felt this kind of feeling. I wasn’t really like this before – I mean, I’m not that expressive when it comes to my feelings. I would just keep it on myself because I don’t want anyone to know about it and I’m afraid that he/she might tell it to others. #TrustIssue

Have you ever had an experience when you like someone and whom you can’t be with? It sucks, right? That’s how I am feeling right now.


I have known him for almost 4 years already but it was just this year when I’ve got to notice him. He is actually good-looking. He has an almond-shaped eyes, a pointed nose and a killer smile which could easily make someone fall for him even if you don’t know him that much yet.

He is really a head-turner!

In my case, I have fallen for him not because of his looks but rather, it’s his personality – his ability to communicate well, his charm and sense of humor.

I once tried to confess to him about my feelings through text but I don’t have the gots to send it to him. I can’t even tell him personally because I don’t know how he would react and I don’t want to see his reaction either. Aside from that, even if I confess my feelings for him, I know he wouldn’t like me the way I like him… not because I am not pretty nor smart, but because I know that he only sees me as his student and I don’t think he will like me.. coz I think girls are not his type.  💔


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