Journal #3

Change does not necessarily assure progress, but progress implacably requires change. 

Education is essential to change for education creates both new wants and the ability to satisfy them.

– Henry Steele Commager

Something unexpected happened last Tuesday, July 07. I was at the cafeteria with my constant companion. We were having our lunch when someone caught my attention. She was wearing a white top and skinny jeans. It was not actually her physical appearance that caught my attention, rather it was her presence.
Let us just name her as Summer.
Summer was one of my good friends. I have known her for almost 3 years however, we have not seen nor talk to each other for quite some time because of our hectic schedule. I was really surprised when I saw her. I missed her and I hope that she was feeling that way too. There were no dull moments. We talked about our lives, plans and some other stuffs.

It was already 1pm when we parted ways. When she left me, her words were still echoing in my mind. I tried to divert my attention in doing some other things.

I took a deep breath and walked around the school but nothing has changed.

“In the K-12 curriculum, teachers do not have the right to give failing grade to their students. The main reason for that was to lessen the increasing number of students who drops out in school and later on becomes out-of-school youth”, those were the words that keep on haunting me like a nightmare. Well, I really hope that it was just a nightmare!

Upon hearing those words, there were several questions that puzzled in my mind.

How could the government be so sure that the out-of-school youth would be lessened in that way? What if the student had not been attending his/her classes for a month, will he/she still be given a  passing grade by his/her teacher? If that particular scenario continues, how could we be sure that the graduates of the K-12 curriculum were competitive enough to face the real life situations?

Now, the bigger question is this, are the future educators ready to face the reality? Am I already prepared for this?


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