Journal #2

If you get a chance, TAKE IT!

If it changes your life, LET IT!

Nobody said life would be easy,

They just promised it would be worth it.

This has been a very challenging week! We’ve got a million of things to do and a lot of paper works also but I guess, the main highlight of the week happened on the first day of July.

At exactly 10 in the morning, right after our first subject, my classmates and I parted ways. Most of them had their early lunch while others, including me started reviewing our notes in ESP because we would be having our much-awaited recitation (kidding aside 😜) Actually, I was not really 100% prepared on that recitation because I did first our assignment in Stylistics which would be passed on the same day. 😪

It was past noon when we went to our room (CVM302). I was surprised when I saw my classmates. All of them were holding their notes. Their faces would not be painted. It seemed like they were in a different world. That was the very first time I saw them so demure. With the way I looked at them, I could tell that they really wanted to get a high grade and so was I. There, little by little, I started familiarizing myself with the terms used in AB Political Science and BS Psychology.

untitled 17322_10202770758788924_6083457073270197203_n

When the clock struck at exactly 1pm, Ser B told us to pass our assignments. He shuffled our papers and the first name to be called will be the first to recite. It was Rachel who recited first. She got a perfect score! 💪

My heart beat faster as Ser B called on the next person to recite. Four names had already been called, and I could feel that it would be my turn. Alas! My instinct was right. As Ser B mentioned my name, it seemed like everything around me stopped for a while. I could hardly listen to what Ser B was saying because of the loud beat of my heart. There were some instances wherein I have to speak in Filipino so I could really express my thought. (Good thing he allowed us to make use of code-switching if necessary). Right after the recitation, that’s when I have finally came to my senses.

Most of us got a perfect score but it was Kennyrose, Bea and Darizzeth who stood out among us.

Although I was not part of the “top three”, I could still proudly say that I did my best, so there was nothing to worried about.

Our next task was to look for a content specialist. In my case, since I picked BS Psychology, I have to look for a professor in the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities who would be my cooperating teacher and content specialist. 😊


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