Journal #1

“Run with patience the particular race that God has set before us…

Don’t be envious of the runner in the lane next to you; just focus on finishing your race.”

The school year has just started! Most students were eager to go to school because they’ll be learning new lessons while some were excited because they would be able to see their friends and classmates again. Well, if youll gonna ask me if I am feeling the same thing w/ them, my answer would be.. I’m not really excited to see my friends again. Ooops! Please don’t get me wrong. I’ve been somehow close with BSE English 4-2 it’s just that I miss my old friends.. the BSE English 4-1 Batch 2015.

photo taken after our 1st MTV shoot :)

photo taken after our 1st MTV shoot 🙂

I remember one time, when I was w/ my constant companion and an irreg student also, we kept on reminiscing the happy memories that the previous past have shared w/ us. I became so comfortable with all of them up to the point wherein there would be group reportings and they would ask me which group I would like to join. They never let me feel as if I am different from them.

They treated me like I was really part of their section and I that’s what I’ve missed the most.

There were also times when I feel envy at them because they were already done with their Bachelor’s Degree while I was still studying  (poor me!) -_-

Anyway, that was before. I’m glad that they have finally reached one of their goals. Most of them are now teaching in the secondary level and whenever I got the chance to chat w/ them, I do so.

Now that I am in my final year in College, I made them as one of my inspirations 🙂


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