“He, Who Cheated On Her”

I’ve got a story to tell. It’s all about a girl I’ve known for a long time. She’s just a typical girl- simple, smart and kind.

Oh! I forgot to tell you, she’s also beautiful.. Yeah. In fact, most of the guys I knew have told me that they find her attractive- something that makes most girls envy of her. She had a lot of suitors when she was in high school.

When she was already in College, she met someone who changed her entire life, her perception when it comes to love.. and life. She told me once that she would not accept his love because she wanted to focus on her studies.

One day, she showed up and told me that they were already “in a relationship”. She told me that he’s very kind, sweet and caring. She even compared him to a prince charming!

With the way she looks, I could tell she’s really in love.

That was the very first time I saw the glow in her eyes, those rosy cheeks whenever she smiles.

Until one night, I received a text from her “It’s Over”, she said. Then I called her. She didn’t answer it. I was so worried so I drove to their house.

I was shocked when I saw her.

She was drunk.

She even asked me to have a drink.

Her hair was messy, her room was full of empty bottles, pictures of her boyfriend.. “ex-boyfriend” I mean, were scattered on the floor.

“I broke up with him”, that’s what she said before she fell asleep.

The next morning, her ex-boyfriend phoned while she was still sleeping.

It was me who answered the call.

Babe, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was drunk and Apple was there. She was with me because I’ve got a problem and you were too busy doing stuffs at school and I don’t want to bother you. Believe me! What you saw last night when you came to our house, it was nothing. Nothing happened to the two of us. We were just friends. I hope we could still fix this…Please….”, that’s what I heard on the line.

After I ended the call, I’ve come to my senses. The reason why my friend broke up with her ex was because he cheated on her.. and, I was right. When my friend woke up, she told me everything and she decided to just move on with her life.

They have been together for almost nine months if I haven’t mistaken it. I’m glad she really knew what to do.

Years have passed and I know you’re wondering how she was right now. Well, she’s a lot better. She became stronger, braver and wiser. 😉

She is now in her Senior Year in College.

She’s been into a lot of different stuffs lately like modeling, attending workshops, posting blogs and telling you this story.

Yup! The girl behind this story is no other than ME.

Surprised? Well, I guess that’s what life is – full of surprises. 🙂


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