The school year has just started!
I am now in Senior year so I presumed that things will be more tougher and challenging. Well, I was right. First week at school was a blast! We had done so many activities like writing a reflection paper, translating songs and many more! Aside from that, it seems like I still have that “vacation hang-over” coz I often rush to school. There were times when I go to school unprepared. I mean, I haven’t put anything on my face like powder, lip balm or even brow liner!



Good thing I have Maybelline All in one clear powder. It keeps my skin wonderfully fresh throughout the wear, it is light on skin, sweat control, it effortlessly cover spots for fair and even skin, a concealer and most importantly, I am pretty sure that my skin is protected against harmful UV rays.
It really helped me look good in spite of too many to-dos and deadlines. Now, I can go to school comfortably without worrying my looks.

Thanks to my new best-friend, Maybelline Philippines  ♥

Oh btw, I forgot to tell you, they are on SALE for the whole month of June!!!

Make sure to drop by and grab your faves.

‪#‎StepUpChallenge‬ ‪#‎LoveMaybelline‬ ‪#‎MaybellineGirl‬


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