Goodbye Blogosphere 😭😭😭

Hello dear readers! 

How are you doing? 

I hope you are all fine.

You might be surprised with my post but I am pretty sure about it. 😭

So before anything else, allow me to say these words..

To those who followed me (and who are still following my blog), to my lovely readers and to my new friends here in blogosphere.. Thank you so much! 

I don’t have anything more to say but..


This is not me haha! #SwiftieFanHere


Only few days left and it will be the big day

Wondering what the big day is?

This one 👇


Yes, you’re right. I will be leaving the blogosphere for the meantime.

I badly need to concentrate with REVIEW for my upcoming and fast approaching board exam!

It is quite challenging though not only because I need to FOCUS on reviewing but I also need to attend to my work which is teaching.

Take note: I am handling 4 sections. I am working for 8 hours from Tuesday to Saturday.

My review schedule from Tuesday to Saturday is 2 hours before my work. Sundays and Mondays are also allotted for review.


So that’s it.

I am saying goodbye for now because I cannot manage to do 3 things all at the same time:

reviewing, teaching, and blogging.  

I have to MANAGE MY TIME wisely and with that, I need to give up blogging.

I need to PLAN in order for me not to fail!

“I promise. I will not fail in this exam.” #thinkpositive


I hope you’d understand. 

I will get back as soon as my board exam is done.

I will definitely miss all of you.




Mon Premier Amour

Hello everyone! Before anything else, allow me to greet you first a Happy Valentine’s Day😊

How are you guys doing? I hope you are all doing well. 

Today, we all know that we are celebrating a special day which is Valentine’s Day. If you’re going to ask me how I celebrated this day, I would simply say that I celebrated it with my first love.

Isn’t it sweet? 😊

Want to know what is my first love?

None other than..


Yes! You got it right.

I celebrated this year’s Valentine’s Day with my first love which is teaching and I think that’s beautiful.

Special thanks to:

my second advisory class, Grade 11-D. 😚😍

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Thank you for making this ‘ordinary day’ special. You guys made my day! 💓


Sweetest Handcuffs

These past few months, we frequently see people being arrested by the police and have handcuffs on their hands. They become immobilized and their movements are very limited. It’s an embarrassing scene to be watched but don’t you ever wonder what it feels like to be caught by the sweetest handcuffs?

Handcuffs are two metal circles with chains to connect them. They are used by the police to prevent fugitives to escape from them but what made the sweetest handcuffs special?

These handcuffs vary in size but similar in shape which is circle. It can also have design on it and you can add gems to make it more fascinating. It doesn’t have chains to connect them but when you wear it, your heart is already chained to the other half of the handcuffs. Even though it is a small thing, it symbolizes the deep love that invisibly connects two hearts knowing that whatever it takes, these handcuffs will be the proof of their LOVE for each other.

Want to know what is the sweetest handcuffs? 😊


Photo credits: NB Wedding Photography

It’s a couple 💍 ! It’s special when it’s from the heart but even more special when the person you love gave it to you. 😍




This coming Valentine’s Day, do you want to be caught by the sweetest handcuffs? 😍




Photo Credits: NB Wedding Photography




Author: V.Anne, a student of mine


Say You Won’t Let Go

In life, you will meet new people, either they will make you or break you.

He broke me. But I must say, he also made me braver and stronger.

When I saw him, all the memories came back,the hurt came back, but he never did. The wounds still haven’t healed. But then, I knew that it’s not about losing him. Because the worst part was losing me.

I never really knew I would like him although I can see some of my standards in him. Tall, dark and handsome. But days had passed and I noticed myself wanting to see him everyday. I laughed so hard after he cracked a joke even if I already heard that joke 1000 times. I even stalked him on his Facebook account, always walking in front of their classroom just to take a glimpse on him, borrowing everything from my friend that’s also his classmate so he would also recognize me. There, I confirmed it, I like him. My friends were telling me I should confess to him. They started teasing me whenever he´s walking at the corridor. I told my friends to stop teasing me, but deep inside me is telling them to tease us more.

I did not confess. I will never do it.I  don’t know why. Maybe I’m afraid of rejection.

Really, I am never a risk-taker.

Right then I knew he already had a girlfriend. All the what if’s flashed in my mind.

“What if I followed my friends advice?”, “What if i confess to him after i knew i like him?”,”What if he is just waiting for me?” ,”What if he also likes me?” 

Then a lot of maybes followed.

“Maybe he would court me”, “Maybe I am already his girlfriend”, “Maybe I will be happy”..

That day he smiled at me,not knowing he hurt me. I cried. No, I died. I killed myself by seeing this unfair world. I killed myself by thinking that I was left alone because I am not beautiful at all; because he found someone really attractive. I searched for all my flaws. Every waking moment was just suffocating. All I ever wanted to do was to sleep again. 



He’s not numb, he just doesn’t  love me.. 💔 😭

But when you fall,you should stand up,right? I shouldn’t let my world stop and remain buried in the memories of a man who doesn’t even care for me. He just hurt me, but never really get me killed.

We should be thankful for those who hurt us because they are the ones who will make us stronger. If someone did not break you, you will never be completely whole. Don’t be afraid to show what you feel. Tears don’t mean you’re losing, you’re just showing your feelings.

Someday, I will not be afraid of loving again, because most of the times, it is through hurting and breaking that we become whole…again.

Author: BbyGel, a student of mine 😊


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Hooray! What’s up lovely readers? 😊

We all know that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I do believe that Valentine’s Day should be celebrated not just by 💑 but also with your 👪  and 👭.

Have you decided what will be your gift for them this Valentine’s Day? If not, then I can help you with that 😊

When it comes to giving gifts, I prefer those hand-made/DIY rather than things that can be bought like 🍫🍫🍫, 🌹🌹🌹 and the like. Aside from the fact that you can save money from buying expensive stuffs, you can also personalize it also.

Below are some gift ideas that I’m sure your loved ones will like 😊

1. Flowers – You might be thinking of a bouquet of roses but NO! The flower that I am talking about is a paper tulip origami. What’s nice about this is that you can put your message on the stem of the tulip before rolling them.

There are a lot of video tutorials in Youtube that you could watch in order to make your own paper tulip origami. 😊


2. Love letters – I do personally believe that love letters never go out of style. No need to say more about this. 😊


Another way of expressing yourself through love letters is by making an Alphabet of Love. If you’ve been following my site and reading my posts, you would remember that few months ago, October 2016 to be exact, I made my own DIY: Alphabet of Love



3. Valentine Cards – If you are a type of person who is not that expressive when it comes to your loved ones, here is a perfect gift that you can give to someone. It does not require a lot of messages.. only few words will do. Just make sure that it will come from the ❤️️.

Need help in creating your Valentine Cards? I think Tabi can help you with that.




4. Bake a cake – If your partner has a sweet tooth then probably you can give her a cake. If you don’t know how to bake a cake, you can ask somebody to help you with that .You can also buy ready made cupcakes and put some decor on it. It will be a bit costly but the effort is still there. 😊



5. Go on a Date – Each of us has their own ideal date but whatever it is, it’s very important that we consider the following:

  • your date
  • you and your partner’s hobby
  • budget 😊

Since I mentioned the budget already, if in case you are somewhat a practical type of guy, you can still go on a date without spending that much! How? Here are some choices that you could select on:

  • Movie date in your house – Before anything else, ask your partner if she is comfortable watching movie in your house. If not, then be prepared with Plan B. 😊 If yes, the ask her what is her favorite genre and you can start from there. Don’t forget the popcorn 😉
  • Cook his favorite meal – We know the saying, “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Prior to your dinner date, ask him what is his favorite food or what he is craving for. I know he will love you more when you do this one. For the boys: Please do appreciate the effort of your girl. No matter how awful the taste is esp. if you know that she doesn’t cook a lot (just like me), she still exerted an effort just to make this day special. 😊
  • Serenade her – If you don’t have work/school on Valentine’s Day, why not surprise your girl by visiting her at work/school and serenade her with your theme song or her favorite song? I’m pretty sure that he will love you more when you do it for her. For the girls, if you know that music hates your boy, just appreciate him and his effort! 😉

So there you go. These are just some Valentine ideas for you and your loved ones. If in case you would add some more, you may drop your suggestions in the comment box and I would be glad to read them. 😊

If you find this post useful, don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE this also. 😊

Let’s spread some LOVE this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Til my next post on Valentine Edition presents.. 💋


LSS: Versace on The Floor

It was 2016 when this song was released but it only became popular by this year here in the Philippines.

The first time I heard this song was when I visited a boutique here in Lipa, Batangas few days ago.

When I got home, it keeps on playing in my mind and confirmed! I became LSS to this song although it is quite SPG because the meaning of the song is about having the three letter word that starts with “s”

Not to mention this but I think it is a perfect background music for a romantic date on Valentines day. Lol! 😂😜

Versace on the Floor

📝 Craft Recognize Lovingly 📝

An Open Letter to the Girl Who is Still Trying

Hey girl, you love him truly. Don’t you? Isn’t he your first thought in the morning and last in the night? You always check your phone to see if there is any call or text from him. You always want to spend time with him because that makes you happy. He is your first priority. Isn’t he? But girl does he consider you this much special? Are you his first priority? No.

You are losing your sleep for him but he is sleeping well with a different other girl on his mind. You are waiting for his texts but he is probably texting that ‘other girl’. Because you are not the one he wants. Maybe you are one of his wants. But do you deserve this? No.

You try to move on but again he comes and gives reply to your text which you sent him three days ago. He again talks to you and makes you feel special. He tells that he misses you and that makes you feel like to do everything for this guy. He says he doesn’t like that you talk to other guys. That makes you feel like to leave everything and do everything just to keep him pleased.

He can control your emotions and only he can. How nice! But then he is gone again. No actually he is there but not for you. He is posting on social media and hanging around with his friends. And there you are, waiting for him to come. Don’t worry he will text you again when he feels like.

But girl you don’t deserve this. You deserve someone who makes you feel like you are the one. And loves the imperfect you perfectly. So forget about him. Because if you are not the girl he is giving his all to, then he should not be the boy whom you are still dedicated to.

– A girl who finally gave up.

Author: Truth Slap (Originally posted in FB)

Ano ba ako Sa’yo?

Ako’y sayo
sayo ba ako?
Oo o hindi lang ang tanging sagot
hindi yung iba iba ang iyong sagot

sa lahat ba ng ipinakita mo, lahat ba iyon ay totoo?
o baka naman ako lang ay iyong inuuto?
sabihin sa akin kung ano ba talaga ako sayo
para alam ko kung kelan ako magsisimulang lumayo

ang hirap umasa sa mga pinapakita mong walang kasiguraduhan
hirap umasa sa mga galaw mong hindi maintindihan
na pag ika’y tinanong ng “kung ano ba talaga tayo”
eh ang iyong sagot ay “hindi ko sigurado”

sabihin na kung ano ako sayo
para alam ko kung sang lugar ako tatayo
ang hirap ng walang pinaghahawakan
parang wala kang karapatan

lumipas ang mga araw
sagot mo parin ang aking tanaw
kelan kaya ako matitigil sa kaaasa
kakaasa na parang wala namang inaasahan.

ang hirap manghula ng mga bagay na ako lang ang nagbibigay kahulugan
pero ako pala ay iyo lamang pinapahalagahan.
pinapahalagan lang ang pagkakaibigan
at wala ng malalim na dahilan 💔

hanggang dito nalang ba tayo?
hanggang dito nalang ba tayo pinagtagpo?
Maraming salamat sa lahat ng masasayang karanasan
na babaunin ko kailanpaman.

Author: Maudine (originally posted in FB)


Heart Shaped Pendant

It is easy to say “thank you”, “I love you” and “I miss you” but it’s hard to say “I’m sorry” and “goodbye”. Sometimes you want to tell and express to that person how much you appreciate and you value all of his/her efforts but you don’t have enough courage to do it. You will only realize his/her presence the moment he/she is gone.


Today is November 10, 2013. Seven days left and it will be the most awaited part of my life – my eighteenth birthday! I could still recall how happy I was whenever I and my family would be going to a party when I was a kid. I cannot hide the extreme excitement that I am feeling whenever I hear things like those. Most of the times, I would go to my mom’s room to ask what dress should I wear andI would grab my father’s hand and dance with him until I fell asleep.

Many would say that I am lucky because of so many things. I am studying in an exclusive school for girls. I have a loving and very supportive mother, and a hardworking father. Since I don’t have any sibling, all my needs and wants can easily be provided by my parents. I really don’t have anything to wish for. But that was before. Something happened that changed me and my entire life.

It was November 16, 2009 around ten o’clock in the evening. I was on my way to our house when one of my friends suddenly called me and asked if I could accompany him because he will be attending his father’s engagement.

“I know it’s quite late but please…” he has not finished his sentence because I already said yes even if I am not so sure if my parents would allow me to go with him or not.

I tried to call my mom but it’s out of coverage area. I tried to call my dad so I could ask permission but it just keeps on ringing so I texted him that I will be out for a while.

It was passed ten o’clock and I am already with my best friend. His real name is Ralph Enzo Mendoza but I used to call him Enzo. I met him first at school when we were in our elementary days. We started as enemies but we end up being best friends.. Yes. Bestfriends! Maybe because we have lots of similarities and one of those is the craziness in which only the two of us could understand. Aside from that, his father has the biggest share in the company where my Dad is working as the Manager.

“What is it again this time Enzo? I thought we will be going to your father’s engagement?”

“Hahaha! Did I say that Casey?”

“What?! Ugh you fooled me again!”

“Hahaha! It wasn’t my fault. It was yours and even if we will be going there, it was already finished. It started at around seven o’clock and it’s already ten- thirty.”

“Uh- whatever! So what are we going to do now?”

“Hmmm.. Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just drive you to your house since it’s already late.”


Both of us were quiet for a moment until he opened the conversation.

“How did you know that tonight was my father’s engagement?”

“My dad mentioned it to me last time.”

I tried not to look at his face because he might notice that I am not telling him the truth.

“We’re here.”

I pretend that I didn’t hear him.

“Casey..we’re here!”

I looked at his face for about five seconds.

“Enzo… can I ask you something?”

“What is it my dear Casey?”


“What? C’me on Casey you can do it.”

“Ah never mind. I hope to see you tomorrow in the party. Thanks for the ride.”

Then I left his car. I don’t understand why it is so hard for me to say that I do appreciate all of his efforts. Maybe because I don’t get used to itand I am not that typical girl who could easily express the things she really wants.

The next morning..

On the side of my bed, I have seen a bouquet of flowers with a message on it.

“Good morning Sweety! I have already prepared your breakfast. I’ll just see you on your party later ok? I love you baby.”

Even if it doesn’t have a name on the message, I could tell that it is from my mom.

I walked downstairs so I could have my breakfast. I was surprised when I went to the living room. There were lots of people coming in and out of our house. Others were greeting me a Happy Birthday.

After breakfast, I checked my phone and I have seen a lot messages coming from my other friends and from Enzo.

“Thank you for the greetings! I can’t wait to see all of you in the party tonight.” was my response to all of their greetings.

As time goes by, people are becoming busier while I was just waiting for the car which would pick me up to the venue.

As I was preparing myself for the party, daddy knocked into my room.

“Casey, my princess, you look so adorable in that pink dress. I could not imagine that the baby that I was holding fifteen years ago was already standing in front of me and would grow into a beautiful young lady.”

“Daddy, stop it. You’re becoming too dramatic again. Hahaha!”

“I am just telling you the truth my princess.”

“Thank you so much dad.”

“Don’t thank me yet.”

Daddy got a small pink box from his pocket and he gave it to me. I opened the box and I saw a necklace. That was the most special gift that I have received on my fifteenth birthday and it’s because of two things. First, it was given by my daddy and inside the heart-shaped pendant is a picture of my mom and dad. I turned around so my dad could see it.

“Now you look perfect”, he said.

I cannot explain how happy I was in that particular moment. I hugged him so tight that he could not almost breathe.

“Thank you so much Daddy! I promise to be a good daughter always and I will take care of this necklace.”

“It’s ok my princess. I am willing to do everything just for you. But, I got to go now because there are still things to be fixed in the venue. I’ll see you there ok?”

“Ok dad. I love you.”

After two hours of waiting..finally! The car arrived.

I felt something unusual while we were on our way to the venue. I don’t know why I am having that feeling.

I tried to divert my attention to some other things so I just listened to the music inside the car. As we get nearer to the venue, I started to have difficulty in breathing but I still acted as normal.

One.. .two.. .three..four… five… I have seen a truck coming on our way and not only that, I have also seen a car which is somehow familiar to me. All I could remember is the truck and that familiar car which I have seen before everything turned into black. I don’t know if it was just a dream or it was real.

I slowly opened my eyes. All I can see is a dark spot. I closed my eyes and open it for the second time. Nothing has changed. I’m trying to recall what happened, who I am and why I am in the hospital when I heard a voice coming beside me. The voice is so familiar but I cannot recall who is talking.

“How are you feeling right now?”

“Uh— I’m okay. May I know your name?”

“Just call me Enzo.”

Then I heard that someone opened the door again.

“Casey, I have to go now. Please take care of yourself and I hope that you will be out from this horrible place soon.” he said.

I don’t understand. Why is he calling me Casey? Why am I here in the hospital? Do I really know him? How am I related to him? Those were the questions that entered into my mind.

“I just need to check on your vitals” said the voice coming from my left side.

If I was in the hospital, then probably she is a nurse.

“Uh-excuse me. Can I ask you something?”

“What is it?” said the nurse.

“Who brought me here in the hospital? Why am I here? Why can’t I see anything?”

“Ma’am I’m so sorry but I guess I am not in the position to answer all of your questions. Just wait for the time that you will be out from here and I’m sure you have your friends who could tell you what exactly happened.” she explained.

From then on, I stop asking questions from anybody. Even if I really want to know the answers as soon as possible, maybe the nurse is right. There are right ways of doing things. I guess I just really have to wait for my friends to tell me the whole story-story of why am I here in the hospital. But, why did my friends would tell me what happened? Don’t I have any guardian/parents?

After one week, the doctor finally announced that I can go home already. Enzo immediately went to the hospital so he could fetch me.

“Is it okay if you will be staying in our house while you are still recovering?” he asked.

“Don’t I have a house? Where is my family? Do I have a family?”, I asked.

“Of course you do have a family but they are in a far place right now. Don’t worry, your mom and dad knows me and they told me that I should look after you.”

“If that is the case, then I think I should go with you but just today. Tomorrow, I will be going to our house.”

“If that is what you want, then we will go to your house.”

“Can I just go there alone? Can you just give me a ride tomorrow? I really wanted to go home.”

“Casey, I’m sorry. You should not go there alone. I should be with you wherever you will go.”

“But why? Don’t I have my own life?”

“I guess you’re already tired Casey. Just take a rest today and we will just talk again tomorrow. Let me show you your room.”

I followed him.

The following day..

“Good Morning Casey. How was your sleep?” Enzo asked with a sweet smile on his face.

“Good. But, I am hungry now.”

“Okay. Breakfast is ready my sweety.”

Breakfast is ready my sweety? Why did he called me sweety? I cannot understand what is happening.

After breakfast, I asked Enzo if he could drive me to our house. Good thing he didn’t hesitate to say yes. I was happy because he will be accompanying me.

While we were inside his car, I cannot avoid staring at his angelic face. I thought he wouldn’t notice it but I was wrong.

“Is there something wrong?” he asked.

“Ah..none. I just want to..ah.. thank you for being so kind to me.”

I didn’t mean to say those words..Uh. No! That’s not what I mean.. I just don’t want him to misinterpret the way I looked at him.

“Is that all?”

“Yeah, I really just want to thank you for everything.” I said with full conviction.

“It’s okay. You’re like a sister to me.”

Since I cannot find any words to say, I just smiled at him.

After thirty-minutes..

“Casey, wake up. We’re already here in your house.”

I rubbed my eyes with my hands then I went out to his car.

“Is this really our house? Why is it too quiet? Where is mom and dad? You told me they were in a far place. Why don’t you call and tell them that I am already home, or if you want just give me their number and I’ll be the one to call them.”

We enter to the house. Even if I could not see it, I could tell that the house is so messy. I touched the window pane in the living room and I felt the dust in my hands. I sat on the sofa and I wondered why it was covered with a cloth.

Maybe Enzo noticed my reaction so he tried to catch my attention.



“Casey..I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry for what?

“Sorry if I haven’t told you the truth. “

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“I really don’t know where exactly your parents are but I’m sure that they will always guide you in every decision you make.”

“I don’t understand. What do you mean you don’t know where they are? I thought they asked you to look after me.. Why don’t you just tell what’s going on?”

“Are you sure you are now ready to know the truth?”


I was not actually sure if I am ready to know and face the truth. I feel nervous and my heart starts beating so fast. I still tried my very best so he won’t notice it.

“It was your fifteenth birthday and everybody was busy in preparing for your party. It was already four o’clock in the afternoon when you were on your way to the venue. You did not go with your parents because both of them are busy preparing different stuffs and surprises for you.”

He paused for a while to see if I was listening attentively. I could feel the weakening of his voice.

“Go on. Continue. I’m listening”I told him.

“While you were on your way to the venue, the car which your parents used was caught in an accident. A truck went on the lane wherein the car you used was on the same location. Just as soon as before the truck reached your car, your dad decided that they would rather take the risk of being hurt rather than you. You were supposed to be caught in the accident and not your parents. They were unconscious when they were brought to the hospital. The same with you, you were also unconscious for almost six months. Even if you weren’t hurt that badly, the doctor said that there was a fracture in your spinal column and some debris has entered into your eyes and that is the reason why you cannot see anything except for a black spot.” He tried not to cry in front of me while he was telling me the truth.

I don’t know what to feel upon hearing those words from Enzo. I AM ALREADY BLIND. But there is still a big question in my mind..

“Where is mom? Where is dad? What happened to them?”

I keep on telling to myself that they are both in good condition, that I will be seeing them soon.. I tried not to cry but tears suddenly fell from my eyes upon hearing the words which broke not just my heart but my entire being.

“Casey, I’m sorry. They didn’t make it. They were in a state of comatose for three days and after that, they left the heaven to abode. I’m so sorry.”

I told myself that I shouldn’t cry because I know and I can feel that what Enzo just said was not true. They won’t leave me alone.

“’s okay. It’s okay to cry” he told me, leaning a little closer.

Poor Casey Lisher Tan! She can no longer see anything because she’s blind and worst; her parents have passed away on her exact birthday. I feel so helpless. I want to shout. I want to cry until all the water in my body would gone dry. But what else can I do? They already left me and even if I cried a river, they will never be back.

“I forgot to tell you.. I have seen a necklace in your car. Is this yours?”

He handed me the necklace. I opened the heart-pendant shaped. I felt something glossy like a picture inside the pendant so I took the necklace.

I tried to absorb everything that happened on my fifteenth birthday and with the help of Enzo, I could now recall everything even the promise that I made to my Dad that I will keep that necklace for the rest of my life.

That painful experience happened three years ago and I have learned so many things through that experience. My perception of life changed. I realized that we don’t have to live forever, we just have to LIVE. We should not fear death but fear a life unlived.

Until now I could not believe that mom and dad already left me for good. But I know that in God’s perfect time, we will still be seeing each other again. It may not be too soon but it will happen. I will happen.

Author: Song Hyun Ah aka CallMeRiina

Originally posted in Wattpad last July 31, 2015


Every decisions that we make has a result, it is either good or bad. There is a girl who is not thinking about her decisions in life; she always depend on others. Behind her smile, you will never thought she is a weak person. This girl is no other than myself.

There is a guy who is a transferee in our school. We have different section but both of us are in the same year level. I never thought that he will be my friend and get closer with him. We always talked about something and about our likes and wants.

One day, he asked for permission to court me. At that time, I think  I’m falling in love with him. So I decided to try. As the day passes by, we got to knew each other a lot. Before his birthday, I answered him and finally, we became official couple. We do things together, we made a lot of memories.

Two months later, I broke up with for a nonsense reason. I can’t understand myself for doing that thing. One week without communication with him, until one time we’re texting and then I realize my mistakes, he accepted me again. We broke up for the second and third time. I felt like so stupid girl in the world. I didn’t think who will be hurt. I don’t care about his feelings, feelings of others. I’m a selfish woman. I took him for granted. He is an ideal man but all of a sudden, I lost him. I lost the one I love. I didn’t make decisions that is right. I love him but this is not the right time for us. I know he’s happy. But now, I’m already moved on from him.

Yes, I admit it. He is my TOTGA – The One that Got Away.

Maybe I’m not matured enough to make decisions that is right for me and for others. Another lesson, think twice not once before doing and speaking anything. From now on, I need to decide which is right for me.

Author: Jstn, one of my students in G11-E